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The Gap and Natural Bridge - Torndirrup National Park

Arguably the best place to view the mesmirising power of the SOuthern Ocean - The Gap and Natural bridge attraction area offers a a new universally accessible viewing platform which allows visitors to stand 40 metres directly above the surging seas, allowing those brave enough to view the true power of mother nature.

The new raised pathways gives safe access to the stunning views and provide protection to vulnerable plants and lichens on the rock surface.

The pathway out to the Natural Bridge provide a stunning view of the bridge, a monumental span of granite demonstrating the awesome power of the sea when a heavy swell is running. Enjoy epic views of the Southern Ocean and the coast from Bald Head to West Cape Howe.

PLEASE stick to the paths and behind any barriers provided - this is wild terrain and unpredictable gusty winds and king waves can be dangerous outside the prescribed veiwing areas. 

See more information from Parks WA here.

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National Park and Unique Viewing of Southern Ocean
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