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Whale Watching

Witness the annual migration of whales in Amazing Albany from June - September each year.

Western Australia has one of the longest whale-watching seasons in the world! The annual migration of humpback, southern right whales and the rare blue whale brings these marine creatures to Albany waters each June, kicking off whale watching season in Amazing Albany.

From June to October, observe these gentle giants from Albany’s shores or hop on a whale-watching cruise and get up close. As the whales frolic in our sheltered bays to calve and mate, sometimes binoculars aren’t necessary – they can be seen from prime viewing spots around Albany’s coastline! Dolphins and seals are also regularly spotted in Albany’s sheltered waters.

You are most likely to see whales by going out on one of the two whale-watching boats but there are often oportunities to view these magificent beasts from the shore too.

Some of the best spots to catch sight of whales from shore include the Ellen Cove Boardwalk, Discovery Bay, Marine Drive lookouts, Cheynes Beach, Camp Quaranup, Gull Rock, Bald Head, and on Middleton Beach.

Albany Whale Tours

John and Forrest Woodbury and their team offer an intimate experience on sailing catermeran Sail-Away.  John may even play the recorder to lure the whales towards the boat!  You can sit right on the front of the catermeran for best and closest viewing and a feeling of real freedom on the water.  Enjoy Forrests delicious morning tea while on board - its all part of the Albany Whale Tours' warm hospitality.

Albany Ocean Adventures

Paul Guest offers a larger vessel and a high degree of undercover viewing areas which may be idea for the less "sea-faring" amoung us.  Pauk has been whale watching in Albany for 20+ years and has many a story to share about his experiences in the Sound and harbours of Albany.

Both businesses offer a complimentary return trip if you are not lucky enough to see whales on your first whale watching trip.

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